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Board of Directors 2015-17

Director Year
Email ID
Communication, Maintenance 2015-17MR. MOUSOOM SINHA[email protected]
Cultural, Safety & Security 2015-17MR. DILIP KUMAR DAS[email protected]
Festival President 2015-17MR. SUDHINDRA NATH DATTA[email protected]
Festival Secretary, Maintenance 2015-17MR. TARUN KANTI BHATTACHARJEE[email protected]
Festival, Cultural 2015-17MRS. ANINDITA BASU DAS[email protected]
Maintenance, Communication 2015-17MR. RITU PARNA DUTTA[email protected]
President 2015-17DR. NAYAN KUMAR SARKAR[email protected]
Safety & Security 2015-17MR. PARTHA PRATIM RAY[email protected]
Secretary, Safety & Security, Festival 2015-17MR. SIBABRATA CHOWDHURY[email protected]
Sports 2015-17MR. ARUP MAITRA[email protected]
Sports 2015-17MR. ASHUTOSH JAIN[email protected]
Sports 2015-17MR. SAMAR BHADURI[email protected]
Treasurer, IT, Cultural 2015-17MR. NAROTTAM DAS[email protected]